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S3 E4 – Drugs in Bristol: Marx, Austerity and Stats

On this weeks show we talk about drug use in Bristol. We start by going through some of the local drug stats. Durston discusses his own relationship to drugs and alcohol and draws on Marx’s theory of Alienation (Don’t worry. Its not as dry as it sounds). Finally we talk about how austerity is hitting drug services in Bristol.

S3 E2 – A roll of the dice

This week we had big plans, with TWO guests booked in….However, this didn’t make it. In stead you get a roll of the dice. With me and Dr Dundre shooting from the hip. Basically, we had no content so we did it on the night. With that in mind we cover whats been going on at Bristol City Council and the recent growth of the Extincion Rebellion group as well as all your usual Bristol gossip.

S3 E1 – How should we respond to anti-social behaviour


POW! And we’re back sans Dick Gherkin L. This week Durston and Dr Dundre have a catch up on what they’ve been up to (baby news). They’re also looking for photos of local Christmas houses. Tweet them with the hashtag #christmasworkingclasshero or send them to us on Facebook.

Main section

This is a large subject and we’ve tried to squeeze a lot in. We look at left wing and right wing responses to anti-social behaviour. Durston talks about different theoretical approaches to crime. D & Dr D finish by discussing different strategies groups and communities have taken to deal with these issues.

Let us know what you think of the new format.

Dick Gherkins last show – E11 S2

Dick says an emotional farewell, Durston and the Doc (mic’d up!) lay on a string of lovely surprises, and then we find time to have one last ding-dong over the Arena, before Dick sails off to pastures new (42 to the bus station, airport flyer, Boarding Gate 6)

Love, respect and big thanks to all our listeners, stay tuned/subscribed for Season 3, coming soon!

The Great Bristolian Debate – S2 E10

Is you is? Or is you aint? Bristolian!

What are the rules? Is it in the “eye of beholderl”?

A harmless handy handle to talk about a people, or another example of cultural appropriation by THEM LOT?

We examine the debate from all angles.

Also, a big announcement from Dick….. (no, not that)…. (not that either)….

Enjoy the show!



The Park St scuffle – S2 E9


Apologies for the delay in getting this episode out, there’s this thing called the World Cup happening you see…..

We take the show al fresco (Dr Dundry’s garden) to celebrate the beautiful summer, and the gang are full of love, light and laughter.

Then we change gear (as only we can do) and talk about football, fights, lads, reps and regrets – but in a deep, thoughtful, insightful way, which is pretty rare when talking about this topic, know what i mean?

Enjoy! And remember to subscribe, like, comment and reach out to us on social media.



Identity & Multiculturalism reading list

After listening back to our most recent show (FBWL S2E8) it felt a bit like the sort of rants me and Dick have to one another in the pub. And because of that we felt we missed some of the nuances of the arguments we were putting across. So I thought I’d put together a small reading list of things that delve into left-wing approaches to multiculturalism and identity politics. One of the other things we didn’t cover on the show were the positive strategies and campaigns that the left has engaged in fighting both racial and class oppression. So I thought I’d add some examples of campaigns and movements that I feel united a class project with anti racist struggles. Hope this is useful.

Love and solidarity



Short reads

Whats the problem with multiculturalism? By Kenan Malik

Safety Pins and Swastikas By  Shuja Haider

How Identity Politics Has Divided the Left: An Interview With Asad Haider

Multiculturalism & identity politics – the reactionary consequences and how they can be challenged by The Independent Working Class Association


Big reads

Croissants and roses – New Labour, communalism, and the rise of muslim Britain by Aufheben

Multiculturalism and Its Discontents: Rethinking Diversity After 9/11 by Kenan Malik–Rethinking-Diversity-After-911/14681335


Class and anti racist struggles

The politics of Britain’s Asian Youth Movements. Race & Class by Anandi Ramamurthy

Chicago 1969: When Black Panthers aligned with Confederate-flag-wielding, working-class whites

Hillbilly Nationalists, Urban Race Rebels, And Black Power : The Rise of Community Organizing in America by Amy Sonnie and James Tracy











Multiculturalism & Identity – S2 E8


After a sparkling opener full of laughs and love, a gift for Doc & Ms Chew Magna’s baby, and a salute to the Ruby City: the Big Dogs turn the Big Guns on all the Big Targets!

They said “Don’t Go There!” WE WENT THERE!

The Grand Iftar & organised religion; pro-EU FBPE’rs; multiculturalism; Freeze Peachers; International fascist movements; people who put big rucksacks in the OAP areas of buses…. Oh hang on…that’s Dick…

If you didn’t hate us before, you’ll hate us now! Dog Whistle politics so blatant you can ACTUALLY HEAR THE DOG BARKING on at least 3 occasions!


Seriously tho, we talk about some big issues this week that we think need talking about. We’re a bit clumsy in places, a bit muddled in others, but we hope we’ll get you thinking.

Durston’s going to put up a reading list to help your own investigations, please suggest anything else you think is relevant.

WARNING: Contains 3 or 4 swears…. apologies.


Circle and the Bearpit – S2 E7

Sherlock Gherkin & Doctor Dundry in “The Case of the Welder’s Glove”

(featuring Durston Fletcher as The Mysterious Man in Shorts).

As BFOT Fatboid Slim would say “back once again with the renegade masters, Bearpit damagers, Power to the People!”

We scrutinise the latest liberal “Circle” jerk, report back on #shitorgas, and generally shoot the breeze, cut the cheese, & dish the dirt.