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From Bristol with Love Season 2 Episode 7

Sherlock Gherkin & Doctor Dundry in “The Case of the Welder’s Glove”

(featuring Durston Fletcher as The Mysterious Man in Shorts).

As BFOT Fatboid Slim would say “back once again with the renegade masters, Bearpit damagers, Power to the People!”

We scrutinise the latest liberal “Circle” jerk, report back on #shitorgas, and generally shoot the breeze, cut the cheese, & dish the dirt.

From Bristol with Love Season 2 Episode 6

Ep SIX dropped in the mix!

A drop of sunshine and the crew have got summer madness, Dick has been enjoying the Big City life, Durston proves he can pull off cis-male pink, and Dr Dundry’s gone primmo.

Then we unveil FBWL’s campaign/ quantative research project  to call Bristol’s councillors to account as we ask YOU to put THEM to The Question: #shitorgas?






From Bristol With Love Season 2 Episode 5

Show 5 and we’re coming alive!

A shout out to the Bristol Diaspora and the BF’iest of BFOTS, a “thanks but no thanks” to Bristol Greens, and a quick investigation of Dr Dundry’s bookshelf.

Also we join the Bristol Cable’s #bootoutbailiffs campaign, and give the lowdown on what to do if ‘vampire parasites on the working poor’ come knocking on YOUR door!


From Bristol with Love Season 2 Episode 4

On this week show we discussed the contradictions between Bristol city councils love and hate approaches towards local street art.

Dick and Durston examine both the economic and cultural austerity being implemented in Bristol.

But it’s not all heavy as dick regales us with his Saturday night escapades.

From Bristol With Love Season 2 Episode 3

Show 3 – it’s HOT.

Dick’s been to Italy, Durston’s gone vegan, but Bristol will never go fascist!

Meet Doctor Dundry, Dick & Durston disagree over the new Arena location, and we give the goss on the hot gigs upcoming!

No sponsor this episode: could it be YOU next episode?

From Bristol with Love Season 2 Episode 2

Second show in and we’re already giving you GOLD!

On this Show, sponsored by Real Media:

  • BFOTS Shout-out: are YOU mentioned?
  • Vigilante Durston takes the new litter laws into his own hands, and Dick is shocked by the new Wardens (and YouTube)
  • Stoke Park Cows: we tell you what to think
  • What streetname should we give “Terry” the Producer – YOU DECIDE!
  • All the best gigs and new music that Bristol has to offer


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From Bristol With Love Season 2 Episode 1

Aaaaaand We’re Baaaaack!

A little ring-rusty but sounding better than ever!

Episode 1: Housing – Dick & Durston’s 5 point plan to solve the housing crisis, what to think about gentrification, our take on the Bear Pit controversy, and lots more!