Multiculturalism & Identity – S2 E8


After a sparkling opener full of laughs and love, a gift for Doc & Ms Chew Magna’s baby, and a salute to the Ruby City: the Big Dogs turn the Big Guns on all the Big Targets!

They said “Don’t Go There!” WE WENT THERE!

The Grand Iftar & organised religion; pro-EU FBPE’rs; multiculturalism; Freeze Peachers; International fascist movements; people who put big rucksacks in the OAP areas of buses…. Oh hang on…that’s Dick…

If you didn’t hate us before, you’ll hate us now! Dog Whistle politics so blatant you can ACTUALLY HEAR THE DOG BARKING on at least 3 occasions!


Seriously tho, we talk about some big issues this week that we think need talking about. We’re a bit clumsy in places, a bit muddled in others, but we hope we’ll get you thinking.

Durston’s going to put up a reading list to help your own investigations, please suggest anything else you think is relevant.

WARNING: Contains 3 or 4 swears…. apologies.