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Stoke Park and the Cows – S2 E2

Second show in and we’re already giving you GOLD!

On this Show, sponsored by Real Media:

  • BFOTS Shout-out: are YOU mentioned?
  • Vigilante Durston takes the new litter laws into his own hands, and Dick is shocked by the new Wardens (and YouTube)
  • Stoke Park Cows: we tell you what to think
  • What streetname should we give “Terry” the Producer – YOU DECIDE!
  • All the best gigs and new music that Bristol has to offer


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Bristol’s Housing Crisis – S2 E1

Intro: What we’ve been up to.

Main Section: We start by talking about gentrification, what it is, problems and solutions. Dick & Durston give their 5 point plan to solve the housing crisis. Finally, they give their take on the Bear Pit controversy.

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